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Day 2: Weekly Meal Planning

I have learned that meal planning is vital to having healthier meals. Often when I have not planned our meals, I find myself choosing the quickest and most convenient, most often not the healthier option for dinner. Usually, that would be going for instant noodles or fast foods. A week of well planned healthy meals helps to ensure that I have included lots of vegetables and fruits into our daily meals and snacks. I’ve also factored in two meatless dinners in a week. Having a Meal Planner saves time and reduces the stress of trying to whip up a quick meal. I started with Weekly Meal Planning, and now I would plan for the month, “Monthly Meal Planning”.

Benefits of meal planning

Having a meal plan in place makes shopping for groceries easier. I can write my grocery list based on my meal plan for that week. It also keeps me within the budget and from overspending on things I might not need. 

2 simple steps and 2 tips to living a healthier lifestyle

The first step is to list down meals that your family enjoys. Try to add one or two new dishes or meals a week that is nutritious.

Next is to add those meals into the days of the week. A good tip is to plan an easy meal for dinner on busy days. I love preparing slow cooker meals on my busy days. I am using the Kambrook brand for my slow cooker. I love it because it makes cooking easy, and it is very economical.

Below are a few slow cookers which I found on Feel free to do further research.

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Once you have planned the meals for the week, then put a grocery list together. Another good tip is to always use up leftovers before cooking. Too often we throw away leftovers that are no longer edible. We can get creative by turning leftover dinner chicken into stir fry noodles or porridge.

Having a nutritious meal plan in place is an excellent step to a healthy start!

Here is an example:


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