You don’t need to walk alone.

Day 1: How do I begin?

What changes my eating and living habits?

I was never a health-conscious person until one day when I was sick for a few weeks. I could not homeschool my children during those couple of weeks. I told myself that I could not afford to get sick at the expense of my children’s education and well being. That day, I began a journey to discover and adopt a healthier lifestyle. It was my love for my family that I became determined to change our eating habits, develop a positive mindset, become more health-conscious and learn to embrace exercises. 

How to get started

To begin, we must first know why we want to be healthier? Having an understanding of what drives us to want to be healthier is vital to keep us on track. There is no finishing line, but rather it should be our lifestyle. We are not aiming for perfection but to learn to make simple swaps and develop new habits to gain a more robust and healthier body.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to have ‘cheat days’, but for the most part, we learn to make healthier options.

What you could do

Write down why you would want a healthier lifestyle. Be honest and sincere with yourself. The reason will motivate you to keep going on.

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