You don’t need to walk alone.

Break Forth Into High Praises

I’ll create praise on their lips: “Perfect peace to those both far and near.” “I’ll heal them,” says the Lord. Isaiah 57:19 (GW)

In the natural world, trimming or pruning fruit trees and flowering plants help them grow more beautifully. Healthier plants come forth through the procedure and bring about healthier fruits. While violent wind and stormy weather would strengthen the roots and trunk, these are part and parcel of development so that farmers could have a better harvest.

Spiritually speaking, God commands the fruit of the spirit—peace to emerge from within you. Therefore, you must place your confidence in Christ and break forth into praises during the time of storms, crises and challenges. It may sound ridiculous or easier said than done. God promises His children for perfect peace to those far and near. It’s easy to praise God during a good time. However, praises would have greater meaning when you overcome the world!

The key to praising God amid a troubling time is when you grab the understanding that God is the Ruler. He is Lord over all storms, crises and troubles. When He chose to anoint your lips so that you could praise Him, He is ready to demonstrate His power to still those forces and command perfect peace that you need most.

So my encouragement to you is, to place your trust in Christ Jesus. Be prepared especially in the time of storm and break forth into high praises! Still those forces of darkness and troubles in the world. Perfect peace is part of your inheritance of God’s Kingdom.

Praises would have greater meaning when you overcome the world!

A Prayer for Today:

Dear God, thank You for peace over my life. Despite the uncontrollable events, family’s ill health, financial and economic instability, Your reign is all I need. When I live under Your righteous domain, peace becomes an overcoming force; dismantling powers of dark places such as fear, anxiety, worry and distress. They shall no longer affect me because the ordained praises of God sustain me. I appreciate Your lordship over me. In Jesus’ name, I pray, and all of God’s people say, amen!


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