You don’t need to walk alone.

Blessed is the one whose life is used by God

One of my friends told me that he desires to be a firefighter. He likes that job because he dreams of saving lives. What an honourable desire. Praise God for such real-life heroes serving our community by risking their life.

I felt incredibly blessed because God used me to restore lives around me. A few weeks ago, I met an overseas friend who came for a short visit. During our first meetup, the Spirit of God instructed me to loan him a book. In my cognitive mind, I thought the Lord would want him to maximise his holiday here by developing himself. So I went to a local library and loan that book for him.

Approximately four weeks after, he came to me in deep appreciation. He shared how he had just gone through a crisis, and he lost all sense of hope, which led him to suicidal thoughts. However, a deep conviction came to him, and he remembered the book.

He picked it up and spend the next few days, reading and comprehending the book. After reading the book, he began to see life differently, and he picked himself up and began to plan the rest of his weeks here in Melbourne.

He came and thanked me for all that I've done and my input over his life during those mentoring sessions. I felt blessed because God graces me with the gifting in life mentoring, not knowing that I could end up saving and restoring lives.

Blessed is the one whose life is used by God to bless another soul.

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