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Battling stress through meditation

We are living in a world where stress is a regular ‘visitor’. I’ve come to notice that even young people — from teenagers onwards are battling stress. It’s a norm for young people to be on antidepressants.

Unfortunately, not all who are on it recover from depression. Is there another way to manage stress? The answer is, “YES!”

One good and natural way to counter stress is meditation. It is about training the mind to think about positive and faith-building thoughts. It’s a long process, and it demands good character and self-control to achieve the ideal result.

Is it an easy thing to do? NO! Complex and challenging, but the good news is, it indeed works!

Training and conditioning the mind is like physical exercise. It requires regular practice, ideally a daily routine. The first two things one could start doing every day is, be grateful and secondly is to journey with a mentor or someone that could standby you.

Could you think of one person who you are allowed to lean on in time of trouble? It’s never too late to look for one.

May you have a wonderful day ahead!

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