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Week 11: Christmas foods and meal plan

The week before Christmas. A week where all the last minute shopping and rushing gets done. But hopefully, we do not need to be in a rush. So instead, let us make this week a week of preparation and readiness. Planning is essential to help us get ready and save time. Here I’ve shared a few practical tips, which I’m still practicing myself. I found them useful, and I hope you will find them helpful too. … Continue readingWeek 11: Christmas foods and meal plan

Week 8: Christmas tree

There are different styles and themes to decorate a Christmas tree. Common styles are the Classic Tree using red, gold and green ornaments, the Rustic and Woodland style using neutral and natural materials, the Glam style and many others. The Christmas tree styles usually blend with the aesthetic of the home. But, to me, the best part of the Christmas tree is the lights. How they twinkle and how they glow. The lights bring a sense of peace and create a nostalgic ambience in the home. … Continue readingWeek 8: Christmas tree