You don’t need to walk alone.

Are you bored of being quarantined at home?

Are you bored of being quarantined at home? Take this opportunity to develop yourself.

We often complain that we do not have time for ourselves. Today, we have lots of time as we quarantined at home. We can benefit from this situation and start taking the time to develop ourselves. We can journey with you through our Online Mentoring Program. Here we get to know you and help you discover your 'predestined you'. Who God has called you to be and how you can grow in the Lord. Sometimes when life becomes challenging, we lose our balance and feel lost in ourselves, but God has great plans for you and me. He is with us to comfort us, He loves us, and He gives us hope and a future. Mentoring helps us in a few ways:

  1. To understand our predestined self. Now is an excellent time for reflection and a time to discover ourselves in Christ.
  2. To have a mentor that we are accountable for our personal growth. Someone that pushes us to keep moving forward.
  3. It equips us. Sometimes we get complacent and stagnant, our mentors teach us and strengthen our faith in God. As we learn, we grow.
  4. Relationship. Having good relationships is healthy. It is vital to surround ourselves with positive people that are good influences in our lives. We are not alone.
  5. Be refreshed. Sometimes we are used to seeing life the way it is in our minds, but we can do with a fresh perspective. We need to learn to see life the way God sees it, and our mentor helps us to refocus and be grateful for life.

These are some ways I have benefitted from having a mentor. Now being a mentor, I'm encouraged to see lives transformed and set free. It's a journey worth taking. Let us take one step at a time every day towards accomplishing God's purpose for our lives. There's so much we can do, let's start today.

God bless you.


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