You don’t need to walk alone.


God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him. (John 3:17, NLT)

God is speaking about the concept of sending. When God sends out something, the object naturally carries His authority—blessings and misfortunes. This ‘object’ could be anything from His only Son to an agent of the earth; or forces of nature to angelic warriors.

One of the many reasons why God sends the Sent One is to fulfil His purpose and will. The Sent One is apostellō in Greek meaning ‘messenger’, ‘apostle’. It is also a concept where ambassador originates. The object chosen by God as the Sent One has absolute power.

Could you name three objects that carry the concept of ‘sent one’?

I remember receiving a parking fine a few years ago sent to my house by the local government, City of Melbourne. The little notice was in the form of a letter. Even though it was only a piece of paper, it must not be taken lightly. It has information such as date where an offence has taken place, proof of offence captured by the officer, the fine amount and deadline to settle the fine. It also contains alternative ways to resolve the dispute. If I don’t pay the fine by or before the deadline, another penalty will happen.

A letter like the fine is more than a piece of A4 paper. It is a ‘voice’ sent by the local government, and it carries a specific task which is to insert a warning and notification of an offence carried out by the offender. The fine is mighty because of the authority from the City of Melbourne.

Today could be a day where God’s spirit would descend upon you, to anoint and appoint you as His earthly agent that He could send you and use you to fulfil His purposes for your generation. It is an utmost privilege receiving such a role because God trusts you for getting His will done.

Please have in mind when God appoints you as His ‘sent one’, He will also grant you divine protection and endless supplies of resources. Your primary focus is to fulfil His will while His primary interest is to equip you. May you have an enjoyable journey as God’s ‘sent one’.

Let us pray

Dear God, I thank You for sending Jesus as the Lamb of God. Through Him, I obtained salvation and eternal life. I praise You, Lord Jesus, for responding to the Father’s call because through You, I receive God’s Kingdom for You are the Kingdom of God. Today I get to enjoy Your presence and blessings every day because of the Holy Spirit, sent by the Father as my tutor. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen!

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