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A meaningful Christmas – Week 9, Reprioritise

Every week seems to go by in a blink of an eye, and before you know it, it’s Friday again. There is so much we want to do, yet only so much that we can manage at a time.

Prioritizing our tasks will enable us to focus on the thing that is important and urgent first, followed by the other on the list based on the priority. It is more manageable when we can work on smaller tasks and get them done than to stare at the ones that appear bigger. Break down the big tasks into smaller tasks, then assign these smaller tasks to various days to be done. Completing one a day will soon add up, and we would have accomplished much for the week.

I have learned to write my thoughts down on paper. I write a list of all the tasks that I had to do, and this helps me to declutter my brain as I do not have to keep reminding myself to do those tasks. When it is on paper, I prioritise my list and assign these tasks to various days that I plan to get it done. I can see my workload for that day or week. If I noticed I have too much to do on a particular day, I could reschedule the less urgent matters to another day.

There is always work to be over and done with, but let us set aside some time to rest and enjoy moments with people we love. Now it is a season to share, to care, and to spread the love of God. We may need to relook at our list of priorities and reprioritise some of them. Make time for God and those dear to us. Make time for the things that matter to us.

Let us celebrate a Meaningful Christmas this year by prioritising things that matter most in our lives this season. Remember to download your free copy of the worksheet.

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