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A meaningful Christmas – Week 8, Reschedule

The Christmas season always seems to be the busiest time of the year. However, let us be busy doing the things that matter most in our lives. We need to take charge of our schedule and evaluate how we are spending our time. We do not need to be busy to be effective. However, we should be purposeful and intentional in the way we plan our schedule.

The first step is to remember our priority (which we talked about last week). For example, if my first concern is to lose weight, then I would begin to search for a healthier substitute for some ingredients for baking Christmas cookies. To find this information, I might need to reschedule and make time to research.

We do not need to be busy to be effective. #Debbie Tan

The next step is to allocate time. In this example, I will need to find some time in my day to day schedule. It is good to learn to be flexible with our schedule. You might have an endless To-Do List, especially with all the added To-Dos for Christmas. However, prioritizing the list, then scheduling time to do it will make it manageable. As our list becomes less stressful and more manageable, we can enjoy this season of celebration.

The last step is not to overload yourself. Make time to sit back and enjoy the present. Give yourself a time-out and relax. When we are well-rested, we can accomplish much, and we are a happier person. Our mood affects those around us. Let us spread the cheer and encourage each other.

Being spontaneous occasionally can add some excitement to our day to day life. Allow ourselves to be flexible in this season for spontaneity and enjoy the moment. What is needed is to reschedule and adjust our program.

Let us celebrate a Meaningful Christmas this year by being flexible in rescheduling our time to make time for things that matter most in our lives this season. Remember to download your free copy of the worksheet.

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