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A meaningful Christmas – Week 7, Refresh

I believe this is a season to refresh our minds, body, soul, and spirit. It is essential to take good care of ourselves so that we can continue being efficient and productive. Many people suffer burnt-out. As we prepare for the new year 2021, let us take some time to regain our strength and inspiration for a good year ahead.

Here are some steps of how I like to refresh myself. Firstly, go back to the dream board or vision board. Take a look at some of the goals and desires for 2021. I do this to refresh my mind and my direction for the coming year. I also change and add new goals and dreams to renew my vision board. Create a fresh start or look away from the old.

The next step is to refresh my body. I learned that health is so vital. I like to relook my meal plans, eating habits, and even my pantry. Look for ways I can make healthier options. Take time to rest and unwind. I usually get to think more creatively when I’m relaxing.

Last but not least is to refresh our soul and spirit. Sometimes when I feel far from God or spiritually dry, I know it’s time to draw near to God and be strengthened by Him. I would start by pulling out my spiritual journal and begin to write to the Lord. I write what God is speaking to me, and I write to God as my ‘Dear God’ journal. I always feel refreshed after spending time with the Lord. He fills me with joy and gladness. He keeps me rooted and grounded. He watches over me, and He takes my burden away. Right now, this is the perfect season to be spiritually refreshed.

I also take it a step further to refresh my home or my space. I start by cleaning and decluttering, bringing a fresh atmosphere. Sometimes I rearrange the furniture to spruce things up for a new season. Change can be beneficial.

I hope you will take some time and be refreshed and celebrate a meaningful Christmas. Remember to download your free copy of the worksheet.

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