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A Meaningful Christmas – Week 12, Reset

This year has been like no other. Many of us are trying to make the best of our everyday life with the new normal. Let us end this year by making new memories as we celebrate a meaningful Christmas.

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about how different this Christmas would be for many of us if the restrictions continued. At first, I was not excited and felt frustrated. However, as I began to talk to the Lord and share my disappointments with Him, the Lord began to shift my mindset— to focus on having a Christmas that is meaningful. It is not the parties and decorations that are important, but it is the meaning of Christmas and how we celebrate this time of the year. The definition of the word, meaningful, is having significance. In other words, let us this Christmas be of meaning, worthwhile and purposeful. As we countdown each week till Christmas, we will journey together and apply some practical steps in having a meaningful Christmas.

We will start this week with the prophetic word for this year that is to ‘Reset’: Going back to the basics of life. What is meaningful to us? What do we value most in our life? To reset is to first: know ourselves and what is important to us. Caleb and I have designed a free printable worksheet with some questions to get you started.

Let us celebrate a meaningful Christmas by first hitting the ‘reset’ button, and understanding what and who is most important in our lives.

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