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A Meaningful Christmas 2020, Week 5: Rekindle

God gave the greatest gift to us because He loves us. We can share His love with those around us. #Debbie Low

Let’s make the best of this year and celebrate a meaningful Christmas. We are on the 5th week from Christmas, and this week, we can focus on something good that is lost. Cambridge dictionary defines ‘rekindle’ as: to make someone have a feeling that they had in the past. Rekindle also means to revive or relight. (

Take some time to search deep within, and you may discover that you may have a burning desire or passion for something or a hobby that is lost. It could be love in a marriage or relationship that needs restoring. Maybe our devotion and fire for the Lord have gone cold. Right now, this is the season to rekindle our passion and relationships. Christmas is a time to love. God gave the greatest gift to us because He loves us. We can share His love with those around us.


One way we can rekindle a passion for a hobby is to take the first step in getting started. Make some time to pull out the tools or equipment. The first step might be to clean the tools or find a place that you could work on your hobby, a place that inspires you. If it’s a lost passion for a sport, then maybe find a friend to play with you. Revive your spirit one step at a time.

Living with all sorts of restrictions has put a strain on a lot of relationships. Such as marriage or family especially. We must take time to rekindle the romance, reconnect with the family, and strengthen friendships. Some ways we can reignite the romance in a marriage is:

  1. Make time for one another. Prioritize time with your spouse.
  2. Communicate. No one can read minds. Increase communication and learn each other’s style of communication.
  3. Make an effort to show love and appreciation. Remember to value each other.

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Here are some ways we can rekindle family relationships or friendship:

  1. Spend some time together. Make time to meet up and catch up.
  2. Show appreciation and gratitude.
  3. Make an effort to understand each other and value the relationship.

To rekindle a lost passion or relationship takes time and effort. There is no quick fix, but we can take small steps each day to make progress. One step a day will bring us a step closer. If you place a high value on the person or relationship, then it is a step worth taking.

To get started, remember to download your copy of the worksheet.

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