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A Meaningful Christmas 2020, Week 4: Renew

When I think of the word, ‘renew’ the first thing that comes to mind is body lotion. It may seem funny, but the first thing I grab is some coconut oil or body lotion to renew my skin whenever my skin is dry and even flaky. In life, there are areas that we can restore, resume, or extend. Right now is a season where we can have a renewed experience to prepare us for a new year ahead.

#1 Renew a workspace/home

For example, every year, I like to renew or refresh my workspace or home. It may require me to do some rearrangement of furniture or furnishings. Changing up space gives a fresh new look as I prepare for a new season. Every year I will buy a new planner and set it up.

#2 Renew my relationship with the Lord

In challenging times, we need the Lord more than ever. Let us renew our covenant relationship with the Lord. A simple way to begin is to begin our mornings with a short prayer. Start our day by giving thanks to the Lord and singing praises to Him. I like to write a gratitude journal and a spiritual journal. I journal my prayers, scriptures, and my thoughts to the Lord. You might have some ideas of your own where you are happy to take the first step.

#3 Renew our self

Sometimes we need to set aside some time to renew ourselves. We may feel emotionally or physically drained or exhausted. Take a break and learn to renew our mind and our body. We need to care for our well being.

TODAYS Ministry is a charity organisation. We believe in sowing, and we have been and still are sowing into the lives of thousands.

Please ask the Lord (Jehovah-Jireh) if you should donate to TODAYS Ministry. Partner with us and your donation, large or small, will help reach many more who are struggling in this journey of life.


This week, what is the area in your life that you would like to renew? Download our free pdf worksheet to help you get started. Let’s celebrate A Meaningful Christmas this year and have a very merry Christmas with loved ones.

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