You don’t need to walk alone.

8 Ways Parents can distress.

Happy parents, happy kids. It is so vital to take care of ourselves, and one crucial area is to learn to destress. Destressing helps us to refresh and stabilise our emotions and gives us the energy to run the next mile.

Here are some tips that I found helpful and practical.

  1. Rest and be refreshed. In our busy schedule, we need to prioritise time for ourselves. Even if it is just 15 minutes to be alone, it is necessary. When I’m waiting in the car to pick up my children after school, I will take that time to sit back, close my eyes, meditate and rest.
  2. Gratitude. The first thing in the morning and before we fall asleep at night is to be grateful. Think of five to ten things we can be thankful for in our lives. Being thankful helps to keep us grounded and happy for what we have and not to take things for granted. I read a poster once said, ‘Be thankful for a sink full of dirty dishes than empty plates with nothing to eat.’ Sometimes we fuss about our messy house or dirty laundry, but we took for granted that we have a family.
  3. Self-development. We can develop ourselves by reading a book, listen to a podcast or learn from a mentor. As we grow each day, we can help our children to grow too. Developing and equipping ourselves helps us to face challenges in a positive approach and each day we make progress. It gives us a feeling of achievement and helps to energise us.
  4. Destress. We can’t deny that life brings challenges, but it is how we cope with it that matters. We need to be able to destress. Find what works best for you. Maybe an exercise, a warm bath, taking a power nap or having a coffee break. Allow yourself time to unwind.
  5. Planning. All that we want to do will not be possible if we do not plan for it. Planning also helps us to cope with the busy schedules, set reminders and plan to reduce last-minute pressures. Life runs smoother with planning. I will write more about ‘Planning’ in another write-up.
  6. Family and friends. Remember, we are not alone. It is healthy to stay connected to family and friends for emotional support. Surround yourselves with people who love us and encourage us to go on. They are our cheerleaders in life.
  7. A healthy marriage. Another tip on the list would be a healthy relationship with our spouse. Having a happy marriage helps to make parenting manageable and enjoyable. Look out for more about ‘How to have a healthy marriage’ soon. 
  8. Laughter. The best way to overcome stress is to laugh! The bible says, ‘a merry heart does good like a medicine’, Proverbs 17:22. An excellent way to destress is to laugh it out. If it’s a careless mistake or a minor silly situation, laugh it out. Laughter helps to lighten the tension in the air and spread the joy! Let’s fill our home with laughter.

I hope these eight tips will help you to reduce stress and enjoy your time raising a family. My husband always says, ‘Put in 1% effort each day, and you will see progress’.


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