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4 things happen when I reduce gluten

  • 40 plus years of haemorrhoid reduces significantly
  • No longer bleeding during bowel movements
  • Tongue, mouth and lips ulcers drastically lessen
  • Appetite increases overnight

If you are a bread lover yet having gluten intolerance, but couldn’t resist eating bread, buns, burgers, some food with gluten ingredients, you probably could identify with me. I’m not sure if you are facing what I’ve gone through, so, let’s find it out.

I became a victim of haemorrhoids as young as 7 or 8 years old. During the early ’80s, growing up in a village from a third world country, nobody had ever heard of the term gluten intolerance; and the worst thing was, bread is my favourite food, and I remember eating bread four if not five meals a day. I indulged in it. I loved it with peanut butter; butter sprinkled with sugar. Yummy, it tastes like ‘heaven’.

Indulged eating all the above is great but the price I soon paid is like ‘living in hell’. I’m not exaggerating. I suffered a bloated stomach when my intestines were swollen, causing excruciating pain. I have to lie flat on my back and not be able to get up. Days of constipation, and if I ever have bowel movements, I will bleed.

It never dawned upon me that the root cause is linked to gluten intolerance. I continued living in that condition for 37 years.

Four years ago, when my family migrated to Melbourne, Australia. I came under a similar attack, and I was bedridden. A friend came to visit me and to pray for me. After hearing my story, he related his. He was in similar condition, went through exactly what I’m battling. He explained to me the components found in gluten and how it causes harm to his intestines. As soon as he stopped gluten, his health started to improve. He encourages me to do likewise, and I heeded his advice.

I have never regretted it since that day. After quitting bread, and all gluten-related food, within three days, my health improved significantly. By the second week, I began to notice a gradual improvement in a haemorrhoid. A bloated stomach is becoming less frequent. My tongue, lips and mouth ulcers subsided noticeably. One of the best things that ever happened to me is, I have more appetite.

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I have my formula which is working exceptionally well as stated below:

  • Reduce the intakes of gluten such as all bread, buns and burgers
  • Consume psyllium husk every evening, ideally before bedtime
  • Intentionally stay hydrated—my daily goal is 2 litres of water
  • Frequently exercise; my current favourites are strolling around my neighbourhood

There are plenty of products on the market. One of my favourites is in the link below.

Pacific Organics Organic Psyllium Husk, 300g

How about you? If you were once, or still battling with a similar condition, would you share your journey, especially your recovery experiences with other readers? I hope to learn from you too.


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