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3 things to do to get wisdom

Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life.

(Proverbs 19:20, NLT)

If developing yourself is one of the top priorities on your list, READ ON.

I was once a failure in many areas. I failed academically throughout my schooling years. The only exam I was proud of is the first term exam in my first year of primary school. I was in the top six of the class. What after next? I couldn’t comprehend much, and even though I strived, put in much more effort than anyone else; I remained a below-average student. And such performance lasted all the way to college. That was when I became depressed and convinced that I was a failure.

How about a relationship? I had numerous crushes on high school girls right through college. Did I succeed? Dream on! I was far from even close to being on their list. Finally, I got into a relationship during the last semester of my final college year. That’s because I offered to be her driver. That relationship didn’t last long.

All along with my life, I battled with a poor mindset. I was so close to commuting suicide if it’s not because of divine intervention. Yes, my Lord Jesus walked into my life, and HOPE started to rise within me. The redeeming grace of Jesus set me up to a life transformational journey. Interested to know more?


The very first thing that gradually transforms my life in the family of Christ is, education! My pastors adopted me as their spiritual son. They mentored me. I was on a journey with them for 21 years. I’ve learned so much in two decades, and it’s not possible to share everything with you. But there are three vital things I could recommend, which helped me in a great way.

Three vital things you could do to get wisdom, and they are:

1: Get all the advice

I ran after help from people who had gone ahead of me in specific fields. During my first 21 years of the spiritual cycle, I asked lots of questions about God and the Bible. All I wanted was to know more about Jesus and how I could be a better servant to Him and to His church. I made an equal amount of mistakes too. But those pieces of advice helped me in times of errors, and I learned from them.

Sometimes, I sought advice before I venture into something new, that’s when I had a higher success rate. While occasionally I forgot to ask for help, and painful lessons in those journeys. Yet, it is worth a learning curve.

2: Get all the instruction

One of the rules of thumb I frequently apply is, whenever I have doubts before doing something, I would get guidance. In my opinion, it is better to start from the right footing, than creating a mess following by wasting time cleaning them up. It may be a slower process, but it is worth the wait.

Also, getting the right instruction from the right person would cut down trial and testing time. Behind every sound instruction is wisdom. So, it is essential to hear them well and follow through.

3: Get at least one mentor

The third important thing one should do is, to get a mentor in each specific field which you desire to excel in. As for me, currently, I have a mentor helping me in business development, as well as in property investment. The previous season I had a mentor in stock investment. Would I continue looking for a mentor? Absolutely YES! It is of no brainer to do so. I would strongly recommend you to do the same.

Where am I now as a mentor?

I’m currently mentoring a few people in spiritual life development, prophetic ministry, pastoring a church, and raising an upcoming generation of men and women of God. It is only right to pass down all that God has entrusted me to the next generation. If you are a mentor yourself, I want to thank you for adding values to your generation. Your ministry is vital to people in your world!

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