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18 Things to do at home with your family.

During this is a season where families are home all day, every day. There are a lot of activities that we can enjoy with our family. Think of this as a family vacation at home. We have lots of time to love our homes and our family by doing things together to improve our home and bond with our children. Below is a list of things we can do at home.

Activities with our family:

  1. Board Games. A fun time to play and connect with our children any time of the day. Depending on your child's age, there are lots of options for fun and interactive board games.
  2. Family Jam Session. Pick an instrument each and have a time of singing together. You can also do "home karaoke". Turn the music on and sing your heart out!
  3. Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle. Working on a box of 500 pieces of Jigsaw puzzle is a great way to pass the time and work as a family project together. (only suitable for older children, above the age of 7 years old) You can also use children's puzzles that are suitable for their age.
  4. Video Production. Shoot a home video with your family. Get everyone involved in video or movie production. Enjoy the process, keep it light and simple. For example, send a video greeting to grandparents. You can also try to produce a short film. Make it fun too. Watch it together and send the video to friends and family.
  5. Photo Shoot. Everyone has to take photos during the day and pick a winner at dinner. Show and tell each photo captured that day.
  6. Photo Album. Use this time to sort photos and compile them into an album. Go through the boxes of old photos with your family—a great time to share happy memories while sorting them.
  7. Movie Nights. Enjoy a movie together. Bring out the popcorn and snacks!
  8. Arts and Craft. Do some arts and crafts or colouring pages with younger children. Start a scrapbook or junk journal from scraps of papers at home. Write a short story of each 'scrap' each person found. You can also create your own story of that scrap. Be creative.
  9. Gardening. Spending some time outdoors in your garden or backyard will help you to feel less enclosed indoors—an excellent time to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.
  10. Chef of The Day. Try new recipes from ingredients you already have in your pantry. Each family member can help or take turns to cook a dish. Be creative, search online for recipes and enjoy the meal.
  11. Read a Book Together. Find a good book to read as a family. It can be a biography, short stories, productive or motivating book. Read and interact a page a day or a chapter a day.
  12. Bible Study. Similarly to book reading, share a verse or chapter a day and encourage interaction.
  13. Declutter and Organize. Since everyone is home, this is the perfect time to go through boxes, storage and cupboards to declutter, sort and organize.
  14. Cleaning and Disinfecting. What better time to clean up the house! Wash curtains, cushions and linens. Wash toilets, showers and bathrooms. Deep clean bedrooms and disinfect commonly used areas in the home.
  15. Car Wash Day. On a good sunny day, take some time to clean up the interior and exterior of the car and wash your car—a good family activity.
  16. Home Gym. Time to stay fit and workout together. Do simple exercises that do not require gym gear.
  17. Activities for Mom with Daughter:
    • Facial and spa at home. Put a mask on and enjoy a spa time with a hot cup of tea! 
    • Medi Pedicure. Bring out the colours and give yourselves a treat!
    • Desserts. Bake cakes or cookies and invite the rest of the family to a tea party.
  18. Activities for Dad with Son:
    • Home gym. If you are into sports and fitness, enjoy a friendly body workout competition.
    • Game time. Chess, table tennis (if you have), board games or video games.
    • BBQ. Boys time to cook dinner.


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