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10 Ideas for Keeping Active Kids Out of Boredom

10 ideas for keeping active kids out of boredom during this ‘Stay at home’ period.

Just after one day of school closure and ‘stay at home’ begins, my son came up to me and said, “Mom, I’m bored.” I knew this was coming. I told him to read my blog of things he could do. He is an active type of person and loves sports; being at home watching movies or playing his Xbox all day does not appeal to him. I discuss with him, and we brainstorm some activities he could do during this break. Here are some ideas we came up with for active kids:

Outdoor backyard:

  1. Have a picnic in the garden.
  2. Pitch a tent and enjoy.
  3. Gardening. Maximise the time out in the garden by mowing the grass, sweeping the leaves and growing a vegetable patch.
  4. Car wash. It can be fun cleaning and washing the car as a family.


  1. Play table tennis using the dining table since we do not have a table tennis table. We learn to improvise a little. We have the bat and net (Kmart), and we attach the net to our wooden dining table which is large enough for a single player on each side.
  2. Learn something new. Pick up a new skill online. It could be a new language, singing, art, drawing etc.
  3. Cook. Since my son is a very hands-on person, he likes to do things. I encouraged him to research a recipe that he would like to try. There are many simple and few ingredient recipes online. Last night he made overnight oats. Easy! Today he has a few more ideas on some snacks he can try to bake. Simple yummy!
  4. Board games. Play board games instead of video games.
  5. Make your videos instead of watching movies.
  6. Arts and crafts. For artistic kids, they would love to do arts and crafts.


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